The exhaust system is among your vehicle’s most important components. It plays a vital role in discharging harmful substances while minimizing noise and reducing exhaust gases. Among these are nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide, which could otherwise prove toxic. Here’s what you should know about what the system does and when to see an auto mechanic.

What Is in the Exhaust System?

Several key parts make up the entirety of the exhaust system. They work in harmony with one another to minimize the noise while creating a channel for the harmful exhaust gases to exit the vehicle. The same route prevents damaging gases from entering the cabin and potentially harming human health. Among the parts that perform this important step is the exhaust manifold, which collects the gases from the engine’s combustion chamber and guides them to an exhaust pipe.

The catalytic converter converts those emissions into carbon dioxide and water vapor. While these are still potentially harmful, they’re much less so than what the engine expels. Another part is the muffler, which is designed to muffle the sounds the engine makes. The resonator helps alter the engine’s sounds and improves overall functionality, which in turn supports the vehicle’s fuel economy. The final part is the tail pipe, which juts out from the muffler and pushes the exhaust gases out of the vehicle. 

What Problems Can Occur?

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There are many exhaust system problems that may require you to visit an auto mechanic. Among the most common is rust formation, which occurs when the system becomes wet. This can leave it vulnerable to premature failure, or damage to various parts in the system that eventually lead to an exhaust leak. 

If a leak does occur, you will likely smell the fumes emanating through the cabin. Immediately pull down the windows so you don’t take in too many of these fumes. Another sign of a possible exhaust leak includes a hissing noise. If you’re in doubt, or if it’s been a while since your last inspection, have a technician check the condition of the exhaust system for your peace of mind. Carbon monoxide is both invisible and odorless, so you may not be aware if you’ve inhaled it.

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