A storage unit can be enormously helpful when you’re in the midst of a move or need some extra space to store belongings. However, all units aren’t the same, and it’s important to identify the most important factors so you can make a choice that best meets your needs. Below are a few to keep in mind as you consider your options.

What to Know Before Renting a Unit

1. How Long It's Needed

People rent storage units for many reasons, including a short-term lease while undergoing a home renovation or construction job. Maybe you’re downsizing and want to keep some items out of the way while you settle into the new home. Or maybe you need a spot to keep seasonal items year-round so they don’t overwhelm the living space. First, determine how long the unit will be needed before signing a contract. 

2. What Needs to Be Stored

storage unit

If you’re storing the contents of a small apartment, look for a large unit. If only seasonal items need to be stored, lease a smaller unit. Think about the types of items that need to be stored, too. Fragile items, like wood or leather furniture, artwork, electronics, musical instruments, and apparel are all vulnerable to developing rot or mold due to excess humidity. In that case, lease a climate-controlled unit where temperatures are regulated to protect the integrity of the possessions.

3. What the Facility Provides 

You also need to be sure that the facility meets your personal needs. For example, it's best to have access to belongings 24 hours a day, especially if the unit houses seasonal equipment, such as a snowblower or shovel. If you’re storing valuables, look for a unit that is monitored at all times and that has ample lighting so it's easily accessible at night. 

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