Keeping belongings in an offsite storage unit is a great way to cut down on clutter inside the house or keep possessions safe during the moving process. However, when you go to the facility, you might be given a document or see a sheet posted listing what hazardous items you can't store in the unit. These precautions are taken to prevent dangerous accidents that could damage property or injure people. When you pack up your belongings for storage, here are a few items to put somewhere else instead. 

What Materials Should You Keep Out of a Storage Unit?

1. Flammable and Explosive Materials

Gasoline, propane, paint thinners, and other flammable materials could cause a fire in the storage unit. This could happen, for example, if a flammable liquid spills or a combustible gas is released in the air and encounters a heat source. Frigid temperatures can cause the pressurized substances in aerosol cans to freeze to the point that the containers explode. To protect the unit and your other belongings, keep any flammable or aerosol sprays out of storage.  

2. Perishables

storage unit

Many people use a storage unit to hold extra kitchen appliances and utensils that they don't regularly use. However, a self-storage unit is not the best place to put items that would otherwise go in your refrigerator. Vegetables, meats, and other fresh fare will spoil and rot in the enclosed, unrefrigerated space. The decomposing food can also attract insects and rodents. Leaving these perishables out of the unit will prevent infestations and keep your unit safe.

3. Wet and Damp Materials

While preparing items for storage, it's common to clean them thoroughly to remove any dust or other contaminants. However, if these items are still wet when placed in storage, it can create damp, humid conditions, which are perfect for mold growth. This fungus can damage your items and require costly remediation services for the unit. As such, before placing them in the unit, it's important to make sure all materials are thoroughly dry, especially fabrics and clothes. 


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