Whether you're in a transitional period or have limited home an office space, you can benefit from the convenience and flexibility of renting a storage unit. If you’re planning on putting your belongings in a self-storage facility for a brief or long period, here’s a guide to storage unit do’s and don’ts to ensure your possessions stay safe.


Label your boxes.

When it comes to storage units, keep things simple. Instead of relying on your memory or opening boxes to remember where you placed items, label each box thoroughly, and consider numbering each piece. This way, nothing will get lost, and you’ll always know what each box contains.

Stay organized.

Before loading items into your storage unit, take a moment to strategize. Since you’ll be stacking boxes to maximize space, set aside any boxes or containers you’ll want to easily access. Place these items at the front of the unit so you don’t have to spend hours digging around for one particular belonging. 


Store food.

Storage UnitWhile it may be tempting to store non-perishable food items in temperature-controlled storage units, this practice is prohibited. If a package gets opened or temperatures increase, these items can attract bugs, grow mold, and generate unpleasant odors.

Wrap textiles in plastic.

When storing upholstered furniture, mattresses, and rugs, avoid wrapping them tightly in plastic. Moisture can easily accumulate between the plastic and your possessions, resulting in mold or mildew that ruins your pieces. Instead, consider covering these items lightly in blankets or padded covers.


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