As difficult as it can be to cut down a tree, it’s even harder to remove the stump afterward. Fortunately, the team at T & L Tree and Landscape can take care of those pesky tree stumps for you. This tree and landscaping company has have been providing affordable tree service in the Greater Rochester, NY, area for several decades. Here, their experts explain why tree stump removal is not something you want to attempt yourself.

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Stump Removal

1. Operating a Stump Grinder Is Dangerous

You can rent the proper equipment to grind down the stump, but using a grinder is dangerous. At the very least, you need eyewear and hearing protection, but you should also know how to use the power tool to prevent injuries.

2. Chemical Removal Takes Time

stump removalYou can attempt stump removal using potassium nitrate. This method requires you to drill holes into the tree stump from the top and the side and fill them with the chemical solution. After several weeks of letting it sit there, the stump will become spongy for easier removal. The process can be slightly faster if you choose to burn the stump instead, but this is still time-consuming and potentially dangerous if you use igniter fluids.

3. Stump Removal by Hand Is Tedious

It takes many hours of hard labor to remove a tree stump without power tools. Even if you have the use of a chainsaw and heavy-duty truck, stump removal will still be a difficult task. In many cases, you’ll end up with a giant hole and still can’t completely remove the stump.

When it comes to tree stump removal, it’s a better idea to let the experts take care of it. They’ll get the job done much faster without putting anyone in harm’s way. To get an estimate, call T & L Tree and Landscape at (585) 223-3190. Visit their website to see some of the work they’ve done over the years, or like them on Facebook for regular updates.