Just as a person plans for all of life's other major events, including weddings, relocations, and new jobs, one should also take steps to plan their funeral. However, death can be a difficult and uncomfortable topic to discuss, so bringing up this topic with a loved one requires care and consideration. To ensure they’re open to a conversation about funeral pre-planning, follow these steps.

How to Discuss Funeral Pre-Planning With a Loved One

1. Describe Your Own Plans

Ease into the conversation by bringing up your wishes for your own funeral. This way, you can more smoothly transition to asking your loved one about their plans. If they haven't considered funeral pre-planning, sharing your preferences may inspire them to start thinking about what they'd like. By introducing your wishes first, you're also inviting them into the conversation, rather than diving into the topic out of the blue.

2. Discuss Benefits

funeral pre-planningAs your loved one gets more comfortable talking about pre-planning, inform them of the benefits of this option. Let them know that pre-planning takes a considerable emotional and financial burden off family members, and it's often seen as a final gift from them to those they care about. Also, stress that pre-planning will ensure their preferences are honored and that they can customize the service in any way they'd like, with favorite flowers, songs, readings, or other personal touches.

3. Take It Slow

This can be a big subject to digest all at once, so don't expect your loved one to commit by the end of the conversation. Keep the talk as light and casual as possible, and don't dwell on it if it's causing pain or distress. Let them know you'd like to keep the lines of communication open and that you're there if they want to continue sharing thoughts or ideas.


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