By Doctor Arnaldo Liechtenstein

Dr. Liechtenstein responded to his medical students that it is not the Head tumor or Alzheimer's symptoms that generates confusion in the elderly.

Three most common responsible causes:

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Urinary tract infection and


 People over 50 years old constantly stop feeling thirsty and stop drinking fluids. When there is no one at home to remind them to take Liquids, are dehydrated quickly.  The Dehydration is serious and affects the whole organism.  It can cause abrupt mental confusion, drop in blood pressure, increased heart palpitations, angina (chest pain), coma, and even death.

It is serious!

In the best of cases this forgetfulness of drinking fluids begins at 50 years of age, when we have little more than 50% of water that we should have on the body. This is part of the natural aging process. Therefore, people over 50 years old have a lower water reserve. But there are more complications: still dehydrated, they do not feel like drinking water, because their internal equilibrium mechanisms do not work very well.

Conclusion: People over 50 years old are easily dehydrated not only because they have a smallest water reserve, but also because they don't feel the lack of your body. Although people older than 50 years are healthy, the performance of the chemical reactions and functions of the whole organism is impaired.

So here are two alerts:

The first is to volunteer the habit of drinking fluids.  By liquid i.e water, juices, teas, coconut water, milk, soups, gelatin and fruits rich in water, such as watermelon, melon, peaches, pineapple; Orange and Tangerine, they also work. The important thing is, every two hours, to take some liquid.                                                                                                                                                                                  

My second alert is for family members: 

Be attentive to them, if they refuse to drink liquids, be patient, they may be dehydrated.


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