Despite the numerous DIY articles available for the automotive hobbyist, there are certain jobs that are best left to the professionals; auto glass replacement is one of them. The specialists at FB Glass in Rochester, NY, want you to understand, replacing the glass is your car is more involved than it may seem. With more than 40 years of experience in custom glass installation for customers throughout Monroe County, they know while it's primarily an issue of safety, there are other aspects to keep in mind, such as glass quality, construction, technique, and space.

As a company specializing in custom glass installation, FB Glass has access to a number of sources for the safest and highest quality auto glass, both new and used. If you're attempting to do this yourself, it may take you some time to find the best glass for your vehicle, especially if you don't have the experience looking for it.

auto glass replacementAnother reason why you should choose the experts is a car's construction. For example, if it's your car door in need of an auto glass replacement, you’ll need to take it apart to install the new window. This isn't only about the basics; you need to be mindful of any electric wiring as well. If you want to avoid this probable complication, rely on the professionals at FB Glass. They know exactly how to put everything back together properly.

The right technique is also necessary to ensuring a perfect replacement. The technique is more than simply knowing the right angle for installation; it's about having a streamlined process. Because they've been in business more than four decades, FB Glass has perfected each auto glass replacement or repair procedure. Whether it’s a windshield or a side mirror, they know exactly what steps to take.

Finally, a successful auto glass replacement project simply requires the right space. A project as large as a windshield replacement is already difficult for a few of the aforementioned reasons, but if you don't even have enough room to properly install it, you won't be able to do it.

Although a small crack in your windshield can sometimes be fixed in your own garage, it’s best to leave the more involved auto glass repair and replacement projects to the professionals at FB Glass. Call (585) 441-1209, or visit the website to learn more about what they can do for you.