Windshield repair can be very costly, especially if you have no comprehensive insurance. As a car owner, you want to avoid making mistakes following an auto glass replacement, which could hurt your pocket. Fortunately, commercial glass repair experts at FB Glass  in Rochester, NY, know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to auto glass care and replacement.

Here are some key tips to follow after you’ve replaced the glass in your vehicle:

  • Be Gentle: Your auto glass replacement is very fragile, particularly for the first 24 hours. For this reason, you should avoid any harsh impact to your car, which could displace the newly installed glass.This means, no slamming the door or driving over rough terrain, especially with all the windows shut. It’s also a good idea to leave a ¼ inch gap in your door glass, so the air pressure doesn’t build up in your car and cause the windshield to leak.
  • auto glass replacementDon't Wash Your Car: Do not use cleaning agents or cleaners on your car immediately after the auto glass replacement. To be safe, wait at least three days before washing it. Auto glass professionals also use special tape to stabilize the car’s windshield. This tape should not be removed until 24 hours after the windshield installation.
  • Change Your Route: If the auto glass replacement was a result of vandalism or damage from wayward rock and branches, you might want to change your route. Driving along a new path or leaving your car in an alternate parking lot may not only prevent damage to your car but also keep you and your passengers safe.

It's important for you to inspect the final product after the auto glass replacement. One of the advantages of contacting FB Glass is their experts typically conduct a follow-up after 24 hours to make sure there are no complaints or issues with the glass replacement. Visit the website, or call (585) 441-1209 to find out more about the services available.