When two people are getting divorced, they are ending a marriage that they thought was going to last, and they are also having to divide marital property and, oftentimes, address custody and visitation. Divorces are never easy, but if you and your spouse can reach an agreement, handling your case as an uncontested divorce is usually an easier, cheaper and less time-consuming alternative to a contested divorce.



What Is An Uncontested Divorce?


In Alabama, divorces can either be contested or uncontested. When a divorce is uncontested, the parties reach an agreement on all issues and sign settlement paperwork that is filed with the court. In this scenario, no one has to go to court, and the judge reviews the paperwork after it is filed and signs an order divorcing the parties.



What Are the Benefits of An Uncontested Divorce?


Put simply, uncontested divorces are faster, easier and cheaper than contested divorces. Rather than having to file a complaint and litigate a divorce over the course of months or even years, parties in an uncontested divorce are typically able to get a final order within just one to two months. In addition to being easier and faster, uncontested divorces are also a cheaper alternative because they do not take as long and do not require as much legal work.


Should I Hire A Lawyer To Handle My Uncontested Divorce?


Handling your own divorce is not advisable. While uncontested divorces are more straightforward than contested divorces, they still require multiple legal documents to be properly drafted and filed. Attempting to handle your divorce on your own will put you at risk of signing a divorce settlement agreement without fully understanding the consequences of what you’re signing. Undoing a mistake like this is difficult and often unsuccessful. The better approach is to hire an attorney who can help you achieve your goals.



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