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About JP Coleman Law, LLC, Attorneys at Law

At J.P. Coleman Law, LLC, Attorneys at Law, they understand how important it is to have someone knowledgeable on your side when you need legal advice or a vigorous defense. Located in Robertsdale, AL, they provide legal representation and counsel to clients throughout Baldwin County.

If you or a loved one is facing a legal issue, don’t settle for an inexperienced attorney. As a father-and-son team with an extensive background in the law, this firm handles cases pertaining to family and criminal law matters, wills and trusts, estate planning, civil litigation, and mediation. Whether you're seeking counsel on an important issue or looking for full representation in a court of law, the team at JP Coleman Attorney at Law is ready to hear your case and defend your interests.

These lawyers are dedicated to their clients, so they take the time to hear every case in full before recommending tactics and solutions. They clarify legal jargon to make sure you understand every step before moving forward. When hired to serve as courtroom representation, they will ensure you are treated fairly and work toward protecting your rights and securing any applicable damages.  

If you’re looking for a team of experienced attorneys who have your best interest in mind, then look no further than the legal duo at J.P. Coleman Law, LLC, Attorneys at Law. To speak with one of their trusted attorneys, call (251) 947-6247 and schedule a free initial consultation. You can also read more about their experience and practice areas by visiting them online.  


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"Jimbo has helped me with so much. He's knows what he's doing and is very polite. I've done used him 4 times and if I need help I know where to go. I've got my boyfriend and sister-in-law to use as well."... more
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"Care about helping you!!"... more
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