Your ancestors had no choice but to perform home births, and in recent years, many parents-to-be have realized the mothers of yesteryear may have had it right, but also, mothers have a choice where to have a baby. In just five years, the number of births occurring at home increased by 29% in the U.S. Many women are planning out their home deliveries with the help of a midwife to ease their worries, feel more comfortable in their environment, and take a holistic approach to delivery. Midwives can now separate the high-risk from the low-risk so that only women who are low-risk should give birth at home and thereby safety and quality are maintained. If you’re expecting and would like to explore your delivery options, here are a few home birth facts you may be surprised to learn.

5 Home Birth Facts Most People Don’t Know

1. Certified Nurse-Midwives Are Medically Trained

While midwives aren’t doctors, they do receive extensive medical training to become adept in home deliveries. Oftentimes, they use both conventional and holistic birthing techniques to support the mother and baby before, during, and after delivery. The midwife will also supply their own medical equipment, including devices for monitoring vitals.

2. Water Births Are Just One Option

home birth Suffern NYShould you decide on a home birth, you don’t necessarily have to have a water birth. While it is a popular choice among mothers, you could also deliver from other locations in your home. Simply discuss your options with your midwife to determine the place that best suits you.

3. You’ll Receive Comprehensive Postpartum Support

Unlike the nurses in a maternity ward, your midwife is exclusively committed to you and your baby. You’ll receive unwavering and personalized care after giving birth to facilitate healing, healthfulness in both you and your baby, and comprehensive infant care support for the whole family.

4. Your Health Insurance Provider May Reimburse You

Because nurse-midwives are trained and certified professionals, your health insurance may cover all or some of your birthing costs. Just be sure to check with state codes and your health insurance’s particular terms.

5. You Won’t Have to Sweat the Cleanup

If you’re concerned about the potential messiness of birthing in your own home, don’t be! Midwives take care of the cleanup so you can focus on what’s most important: your new bundle of joy.


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