Owning your own home can be an investment and a pleasure. However, taking care of appliances—such as an HVAC system—may seem overwhelming at times. Replacing the air filter in your HVAC unit, however, is a step new or established homeowners can usually take with ease. Replacing filters will help you save money, improve the efficiency of your system, and keep dirt and particulates from diminishing the quality of the air in your home.

When Should You Change a Filter?

Change your air filter about once a quarter. Change it more often if the dust in your home seems excessive, you’re a smoker, you have pets, or  anyone in your household has allergies.

Timing a filter change also depends on size. Thinner filters should be changed more often than thicker ones, but check your filter at least once a month for condition issues. Set a monthly reminder on your calendar or a phone notification to remember to inspect it each month. Keep a log of the dates when you replace filters on a card you attach to the side of your unit. You’ll never have doubts about when it was last changed.

How Do You Change a Filter? 

HVACFirst, turn off the power to your unit. Then, locate the filter panel. Use your owner’s manual if needed to verify placement, but it’s usually positioned near the blower. Determine its size and if it’s disposable or permanent. You can clean and reuse some filters by rinsing them off with water and drying them before returning them.

Replaceable filters vary in size. Purchase replacements to match the length, width, and depth stated in your owner’s manual or stamped on the existing filter. 

Before removing a filter, observe the air-flow direction, usually denoted with an arrow on the old filter’s frame. Many people note air-flow direction on their filter replacement logs. Slide a new filter into place, and restore the panel cover, if applicable, before turning the power back on.


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