Kitchen remodeling is a practical way to upgrade your lifestyle by making the space more comfortable and functional. Installing new kitchen cabinets, for example, will instantly give the room a grand new look. There are also smart cabinet alternatives available to provide functionality and space-saving solutions. Here are some of your options.

4 Attractive Kitchen Storage Solutions

1. Freestanding Hutch

A freestanding hutch features open shelves, as well as closed cabinets and drawers. A hutch is the perfect place to store small kitchen appliances like microwaves or blenders. It’s also ideal for displaying china and other decorative items or concealing silverware. In a small kitchen, a hutch will provide an increased sense of spaciousness.

2. Open Shelving

Kitchen CabinetsIf you want to create a more accessible kitchen, opt for open shelving. These storage solutions are installed along walls and provide easy access to your dishware, food, or decorative personal effects. It’s easy for shelves to look cluttered, so keep stacks of plates short and store cooking gadgets in closed spaces.

3. Frosted Glass Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets with frosted glass fronts provide an airy and spacious feel while offering stylish storage options. Frosted glass will give you a little leeway to hide less than organized shelves from view while providing plenty of storage space.

4. Suspended Shelves

If you’re looking for beautiful architectural construction, metal suspended shelving will live up to your expectations. The shelves are installed to hang from the ceiling and provide open-space storage solutions. It allows in more natural light while providing the functionality and aesthetics you seek.


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