When you’re planning an outdoor event to be attended by many people, the last thing you want is to have guests miss out on the fun because they’re waiting in long lines for portable toilets. It's important to have enough toilets to accommodate everyone conveniently, but it might be hard to arrive at a number. Considering a few factors about your gathering will help you determine your requirements.

3 Steps for Figuring Your Portable Toilet Needs

Determine How Many People Will Attend

To figure out how many porta-potty rentals you need, first total the maximum number of guests. This number will be easy to gauge if you sold tickets. If you did not, base your number on how many people can fit in the space. For 50 guests, you typically need just one toilet. However, a gathering of 1,000 will need a minimum of 10.

Factor in the Length of the Event

Portable toiletMost people use the restroom every 3–4 hours. If your occasion will last less than three hours, stick with your initial attendance-based number for portable toilets. If your event will last longer, add a toilet for each three-hour interval. For instance, if you have 50 guests attending a 12-hour gathering, you should rent four portable toilets.

Consider Alcohol Availability

When people drink beer, wine, and liquor, they have to urinate 30% to 40% more often. If you will serve alcohol at your get-together, increase your number of portable toilets by 20% of the previous calculation. If you determined you need four toilets, multiply that number by 20% — it comes out to 0.8, so round up to the nearest whole number, which in this case is one. This means you should rent five porta-potties to serve your guests adequately.


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