It's important to remain cautious and slow the spread of the coronavirus for the health and safety of your community. When you're planning an intimate outdoor gathering, managing a picnic area, or overseeing a construction site, securing portable toilets is an important step in the process. Keep visitors safe in these convenient bathrooms with the tips below.

4 Portable Toilet Tips for Coronavirus Prevention

1. Space Appropriately

When your event or project requires multiple portable toilet rentals, identify a flat and spacious area to place them. Measure at least six feet between each unit. If possible, consider setting up each portable bathroom in a different area so that users will naturally stay distanced and can't congregate.

2. Create Distanced Waiting Areas

It's common to have lines for portable toilets at concerts or even on busy hiking trails and picnic areas. For the comfort and well-being of visitors, invest in signage and place markers on the ground six feet apart. These materials will encourage social distancing and can minimize stress while waiting to use the restroom. 

3. Sanitize Regularly

portable toilets

Properly sanitizing portable toilets provides a more comfortable experience for users while killing harmful bacteria. Schedule staff members to clean common touch points and wipe down exteriors and interiors at least once an hour. You may want to consider renting extra units to accommodate closures due to cleaning sessions. 

4. Provide Hand-Washing Stations

Having hand-washing stations next to each toilet gives guests the ability to kill germs and bacteria immediately using soap and water. Some luxury units have sinks and soap available in every stall. Check the soap dispensers throughout the day to ensure they're filled. Having hand sanitizer bottles placed in common locations throughout the venue can help visitors eliminate germs and stay safe. 


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