You rely on your refrigerator every day to keep all of your food fresh for daily meals. However, water leaking from within or underneath is a common reason for refrigerator repairs. Why, though, do these leaks occur so frequently? Since there are so many components in your fridge that use water, there are several potential sources for leaks. Here are the most common causes.

What Are the Most Common Sources of Fridge Leaks?

1. Ice Maker

Having ready-made ice on hand is a feature many people look for in their appliances. However, built-in ice makers utilize several connectors and plastic tubes that could come loose or crack, requiring professional refrigerator repairs to stop the leak. 

A leak caused by an ice maker will typically feature water dripping down from the back of the fridge since that is where the hoses connect to the waterline. If reconnecting these hoses doesn't fix the leak, a new hose typically will. 

2. Water Filter

Refrigerator repair

If your fridge includes a drinking water dispenser, you're probably familiar with its required filter. As long as it’s installed correctly and the right size, leaking shouldn’t be a problem. Typically, a light will come on to alert you when you need to change the filter; if not, plan on about once per six months. When there is a poor connection between the waterline and the filter, a seal will not form, and water will drip out of the dispenser when it's not in use.

3. Drain Pan

Since refrigerators and freezers must be kept at low temperatures to safely store food, frost builds up on their cooling elements. The drain pan under your fridge is meant to catch water from the defrost cycle, which melts this frost. A condenser fan then blows warm air across this pan, evaporating the water within it. 

If you notice water pooling in this area, there is a good chance that a crack has formed in the pan from months of years of normal vibrations and caused its contents to leak out onto your floor before it has had a chance to evaporate.

4. Defrost Drain

Your defrost drain is what water goes through into the drain pan during the defrost process. This small drain is frequently clogged with food or ice that falls during daily use and then backs up. You can try to clear any blockages by removing visible food and then flushing through hot water. Otherwise, a professional may be necessary to determine whether the drain is functional.


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