While your freezer should always be cold, it shouldn’t be covered in frost. When the contents and surfaces inside develop snowy buildup, that’s an indication of a possible problem that may ultimately require appliance repair services. What’s the cause of this issue? Here are three possible culprits that could be to blame.

What Causes Frost Buildup in the Freezer?

1. Leaving the Door Open

Whether you’re loading groceries or simply forget to close it, leaving the door open even a little bit invites humidity inside while allowing cold air to exit. Humidity causes the temperature inside to rise and the moisture to turn to frost. 

This can accumulate anywhere from your food items to your shelves. To avoid such issues, fill it with groceries promptly, avoid making multiple trips during food preparation, and always double check that it’s properly closed.

2. Damage to Frost Timer

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Some freezers defrost automatically by relying on a timer that controls both the heating circuit and the cooling system in the appliance. When one is on, the other turns off. If this process is disrupted, the freezer might fail to defrost as expected, causing frost buildup. Your appliance repair technician will open the front grill to test the timer’s functionality. If it fails, the timer’s motor likely needs a replacement.

3. Faulty Gasket on the Door

The rubber gasket creates an airtight seal that prevents outside air from seeping inside and cold air from leaking outside the appliance. When the gasket breaks, moist air from the room makes its way inside the freezing interior and causes frost to develop. The more that it accumulates, the less efficient the freezer becomes because the frosty buildup disrupts natural airflow. Replacing the gasket is the only solution. You can avoid this problem by wiping the gasket down regularly to prevent food and grime buildup.

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