Taking your students on a field trip is a wonderful way to expand their horizons and help them better understand the subject matter at hand. In addition to helping kids learn in a fun and new environment, leaving the classroom also provides them with opportunities to enjoy hands-on experiences. Here are three reasons to book a charter bus for an educational school trip.

Why Go on a Field Trip?

1. Supplement the Classroom 

Reading a textbook is only one method of learning. Boarding a charter bus to the field or site of study is a more comprehensive way to teach the subject in greater detail. Think of museums, laboratories, parks, farms, and historical destinations as living extensions of everything you teach in the classroom.

In these locations, they’ll have the opportunity to see the subject in real time. They can explore the artwork, watch the experiment, and walk through the hallowed rooms of historical figures. Having a full sensory experience can change the students’ perceptions of the subject.

2. Improve Information Retention 

NE charter busInteractive learning makes it easier for students to directly engage with the topic, too. The work begins well before they board the charter bus, of course—they know what they’ve learned in the classroom, and you can build excitement by sharing some details about the field trip venue and telling them what to expect.

Students absorb information differently when it’s presented through various mediums, like slideshows, videos, and presentations. This, combined with what is taught in the classroom, can have an enormous impact on how much information they retain.

3. Boost Critical Thinking 

Field trips also give students a chance to exercise their critical thinking skills. Seeing exhibits and listening to informative talks in person is dramatically different from reading and hearing about them in the classroom.

Being in the moment allows students to properly observe their surroundings, interpret meanings, make evaluations, and think flexibly. It will be easier for them to imagine themselves in a certain historical moment or in a future career — and consider all the attendant implications. This deeper, intuitive thinking will prove valuable as their education progresses. 

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