Leather has long been a popular material for outerwear, shoes, and accessories because of its durability and timeless style. Synthetic versions of the material have gained popularity in recent years, but these imitations don’t necessarily offer the same benefits as real leather. If you want to make sure your purchase is genuine leather, here are some factors to look for.

3 Tips for Spotting Real Leather

1. Feel the Texture

Since leather is a material found in nature rather than produced in a factory, there are some natural variations in the surface. If you run your hands along a bag or outerwear jacket, you should feel some pores, wrinkles, and rough spots. If it feels completely smooth and plastic-like, especially along the edges, it’s likely fake.

2. Notice the Smell

outerwearLeather has a signature smell that occurs naturally. It cannot be easily replicated, so if you’re shopping for accessories and notice a natural, woodsy smell, it’s likely real leather. A piece that smells more like plastic, rubber, or chemicals is likely synthetic.

3. Check the Tag

Since leather is such a selling point, retailers will usually specify that they used real leather on the tag or label. If you don’t spot anything that says 100% leather, see if there are other materials listed. Imitations often use man-made or synthetic materials. If nothing is listed, there’s a good chance it’s not real.


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