A number of variables will affect your success on your next fly fishing excursion, from the type of outerwear you have on to your gear. Most of all, your technique will have a significant impact on your success. Here are a few methods of casting to try and improve your fly fishing experience.

4 Higher-Level Fly Fishing Casting Methods

1. The Bow & Arrow Cast

This casting method requires pulling the line back to the leader junction and, gripping the hook, bending the rod to form a curve. You’ll have to aim toward your target by looking down along the rod’s length.

Wearing a hat with a broad brim can help limit the glare of the sun and its UV rays to promote clear vision. When you choose your hat, look for something lightweight that will allow your scalp to breathe.

2. The Sidearm Cast

This type of cast involves pulling your arm back over your shoulder before you swing forward in a side-sweeping motion. This lowers your cast to help get your line under obstacles, such as low-hanging tree branches.

Since this cast requires more mobility, choose a lightweight, loose T-shirt. It should also be moisture and stain-resistant, so you’ll stay comfortable. 

3. The Belgian Cast 

OuterwearThis cast requires starting out with 25 feet of line in front of you. Pull your arm back sideways without raising it up over your head. Slightly raise the rod tip, and sweep your arm forward to finish the cast at the 10 o’clock position.

This cast requires plenty of upper body physical exertion, so wearing a 100% cotton shirt over your underclothes will give you extra mobility. Cotton outerwear will also be more breathable and resistant to stains. A long sleeve shirt will offer better protection against the sun.

4. The Puddle Cast

Pull the rod back in a swift sidearm sweep before stopping abruptly and drawing forward with a normal, over the head stroke. As you move the rod forward, stop the swing as it aligns with a perfect 12 o’clock position.

Since the puddle cast requires you to stand and twist, wear comfortable, water-resistant shorts that offer plenty of mobility. 


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