As spring heads into summer, dressing for a deer hunt gets a little tricky. While you need to cover up to camouflage yourself and protect yourself from brush, branches, and otherwise, you can quickly overheat if you don’t think critically about your gear. When standard outerwear is too heavy for the day ahead, here’s what to consider wearing for a day of hunting. 

Clothing Considerations for Warm-Weather Hunting

Breathable Fabric

outerwearFor cold weather, if you’re freezing, you put another layer of outerwear on to get warm. When spring and summer come, though, you want thin, breathable layers that don’t overheat during long days of hunting. Moisture-wicking fabrics used for athletic wear fit the bill perfectly for warm-weather hunting, as they repel sweat and keep your body as cool as possible.

Breathability can also extend to your footwear. Trail running shoes typically serve hunters best, as they’re lightweight and comfortable while still having the durability of a hiking boot. Except for crossing high water or mud, they are an ideal summer hunting shoe that have a light design to keep your feet cool.


For any hunting trip, camouflage is an obvious necessity. When it’s hot out, though, having this outerwear coverage head-to-toe with the likes of a facemask incorporated can overheat you very quickly. To solve this problem, look for a cooling camouflage neck gator. Before going out to hunt, soak the gator in cold water, then wring it out. The performance fabric will keep cool for a few hours, and you can easily resoak it on-the-go. 

Meat Care

The most significant consideration during warm-weather hunting is how to keep your meat fresh. Failing to do so can ruin the taste of the venison and even spoil it on a particularly hot day. A quality cooler is a must when warm-weather hunting to cater to a long day in the sun. While a large cooler can be reasonably affordable, investing in a high-end option can be worth the money to save your meat. Pricier options can cool meat to a proper temperature faster, and they can stay colder longer, meaning you won’t spend half the hunt refilling ice. 


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