A long-held standard of quality in retail is the distinction as "Made in America." While there is a sense of patriotism with this phrase, the increased production standards and labor laws in the U.S. make it an undeniable fact. Here's how you and your community benefit from buying American-made clothing and goods.

Why You Should Buy American-Made Goods

1. Provides Jobs for Americans

When you buy a product with a "Made in America" tag, you support thousands of jobs in the United States. Buying American-made products creates a sustainable cycle of production. It supports the local manufacturing sector, which creates more jobs to meet demand and pumps money back into the local economy. Maintaining this cycle depends on consumers choosing to buy American-made clothing and goods rather than those outsourced from other countries.

2. Offers an Environmentally Friendly Option

Buying domestically has two positive environmental implications. Primarily, the shipping required to get foreign goods to our shores produces considerable fossil fuel waste, resulting in unnecessary emissions in our atmosphere. Additionally, international manufacturers don't have as strict regulations on polluting processes and chemicals in production. U.S. manufacturing processes are strictly regulated to be cleaner for the environment. 

3. Guarantees Quality in Product & Labor

American made clothingU.S. manufacturers are subject to strict labor laws that ensure workers receive fair treatment and reasonable working conditions. Abroad, concerns of minimum wage and child labor cannot be regulated by U.S. buyers, often making them unethically sourced products. 

Beyond the conditions for workers, foreign products themselves aren't under U.S. consumer protection laws' jurisdiction. As a result, there is no guarantee of the quality and safety of the goods purchased overseas. U.S.-made products must comply with strict standards and undergo rigorous testing that confirms their quality before reaching the market.


Over Under Clothing is proud that almost all of our products are "Made in the USA." With a wide selection of clothing, from swimwear to outerwear, dress shirts, and t-shirts, we dress the everyday American man for whatever they have on deck. We're so confident that our products are built to last that we offer a lifetime warranty on everything we sell. For more information about our American-made clothing, visit our website or call (904) 619-0577 today.