For a cold-weather wardrobe, a flannel shirt is a classic staple for any man. As comfortable as it is versatile, this button-down shirt will work for various occasions and needs throughout the seasons. Here’s how flannel material works, and why it’s a favorite for many. 

What Is Flannel?

button-down shirtWith origins in Wales, this garment was made to weather the cold, wet, and unpredictable weather of the Northern U.K. It is traditionally made of sheep’s wool—though modern iterations also come in durable cotton. The fabric is tightly woven and napped to expose the ends of the fibers. This strategy traps air to provide warmth, makes the fabric softer, and increases its moisture-wicking properties.

Benefits of Flannel 


The comfort factor for flannel button-down shirts makes them a favorite for men’s fall and winter wardrobes. The wool or cotton composition makes them very soft while retaining heat exceptionally well. They work well as a base layer in the winter, an outer layer in the fall, and even cozy loungewear throughout the year.


While they’re comfortable enough to sleep in, flannel can dress up, as well. With a structured collar and button-down shirt silhouette, they can transition from workday to date night with a simple tuck-in of the shirt. When used as an outer layer, they’re easy to stow in a bag or tie around your waist when you get too hot.


When you want to stay warm and dry, flannel is a crucial layer for your wardrobe. Its durable composition makes it ideal for a variety of activities, whether working on a job site, going hiking or hunting, or merely living day-to-day in a cold climate.


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