As you prepare for the upcoming hunting season, getting your bird dog in top form is at the top of your list. While various dog accessories can help them look the part, there is no compromise for proper training in the months leading up to your first hunt. Here are a few ways to start the season right with your pup.

Conditioning Your Bird Dog for Hunting Season

1. Go Slowly in Preseason

If you’ve slowed your bird dog’s training in the off-season, it’s essential to ease them back into this skill. Since game finding is a physical and mental set of abilities for your pet, it’s necessary to maintain them with engaging activities throughout the year. 

Identify any training holes in the preseason so that you can work with them to excel by the time you need their skillset. Start with basic obedience training, then progress to sharpening their whistle commands and game-finding abilities in the field.

2. Build Their Endurance

dog accessoriesAgility plays a crucial role in a bird dog’s abilities, so ample cardio leading up to hunting season can make a huge difference. Slow pace, longer workouts typically work better than sprinting for short distances. Start with shorter runs, working your way up over six weeks to a three or four-mile run. Accompanying your bird dog on a bike or four-wheeler allows you to keep track of them without compromising their pace and progression.

3. Enact Safety Measures

Like with any athlete in training, it’s crucial to monitor your dog’s condition as you train them for hunting season. If they’re out of shape, give them six-to-eight weeks to prepare, and check in with their panting and general condition during endurance workouts. Make sure they stay hydrated, and feed them a nutritious diet high in protein and fat. For warmer, more humid training seasons, confirm that your dog isn’t overheating, particularly if they have a thicker coat. 


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