As the holidays roll around, many of us have a person on our list who seems to be a tough sell for the perfect gift. Avid hunters tend to fall in this category because their skill and experience require tools for success, so when you want to surprise them with something new, they likely already have it. The key for a successful present for your loved one in this category doesn’t require reinventing the wheel, instead choosing the right gear—from outerwear to flannel—that they’ll want in multiples under the Christmas tree. 

Popular Gifts for Hunting Enthusiasts

1. Warming Up

outerwearAs the weather cools down going into winter, you can’t go wrong with buying outerwear fit for the hunt. For some, a new field jacket is in order to weather the elements. For others, a new vest to layer will suffice. No matter what the hunting enthusiast in your life already has in their closet, a new flannel will always be a welcome addition. 

2. Keeping Things Cool

Coolers are necessary for an avid hunter to ensure meat and libations alike stay cool all day. The most effective coolers are multifaceted, with useful exterior pockets to hold other essentials as well as handles to have it on the go. A new cooler with a canvas exterior can make the perfect gift with a functional yet stylish twist. 

3. Getting to Work

On the hunt, some useful tools can make all the difference. For duck hunting, a mallard call can goad prey closer. Plus, superb craftsmanship never hurts, with many handcrafted wood and brass banded options available on the market. A hunting knife can also be a useful gift that can come in handy both out in the field and during a hunter’s day-to-day.


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