A retriever can be an excellent addition to a duck hunt, particularly when your pup hits the trail with the right dog supplies. While training is essential to your success as a hunting team, a durable collar, hunting vest, and more can make all the difference for your pet. Here are a few hunting necessities you should bring for your dog on your next duck hunting trip. 

Hunting Essentials for Your Dog

1. Leash & Collar

When walking in public places—particularly near roadways and by other dogs—you should have your pup on a leash. This measure ensures that they won’t get spooked and do something reckless that you can’t otherwise control with standard commands. Make sure you have a durable leash and collar that won’t break. Waterproof options are also preferable on the hunt. 

2. First Aid Kit

Hopefully, you won’t need to use these dog supplies, but if your retriever gets into trouble on the hunt, you’ll be happy to have a canine first aid kit. A well-stocked kit will have gauze wrap, medical tape, blood-stopper powder, tweezers, scissors, and hydrogen peroxide. The scissors are particularly handy during a run-in with a porcupine, as clipping the ends of porcupine quills makes them easier to remove. Hydrogen peroxide can also induce vomiting if your dog accidentally consumes poison. 

3. Towel

dog suppliesWith duck hunting, your retriever is inevitably going to get wet. While most hunting dogs can handle cold temperatures, being wet for long periods can burn unnecessary calories, causing stress to their bodies. To keep them healthy and comfortable, bring a hyper-absorbent towel, and dry them off regularly. 

4. Hunting Vest

To help keep your retriever warm and dry, invest in a well-fitted hunting vest for an added insulating barrier. Choose a vest in a neon or reflective option to ensure your dog is safe and visible while hunting. Some vests will even have a handle on the back to help lift your dog as needed. 


From days spent hunting to nights snuggled up at home, your pup deserves the best dog supplies. Over Under Clothing has all the best gear for you and your pet, no matter where the day takes you. From leashes and collars to t-shirts and outerwear, we’ll keep your team warm and safe for many hunts to come. For more information and to shop our collections, visit our website or call (904) 619-0577 today.