The front door is one of the first things people notice when walking or driving by your house, and, as with all other aspects of home design, it’s important to choose an option that complements your house’s overall aesthetic. In addition to the security benefits, choosing the right door is also the perfect way to add curb appeal to your home for when you're looking to sell. 

For starters, hinged doors are generally the most popular, and are also more secure than sliding doors. Check out some more tips for selecting a durable, beautiful door from the experts at Windows Plus in Cincinnati, OH:

  • Design: What kind of entrance doors appeal to you and complement your home’s exterior? Doors with windows? Solid wooden doors? Double doors? Decorative glass doors? Clear glass doors offer unobstructed views, while textured glass provides privacy. What about those with intricate patterns? Narrow selections down to a few design options before seeking a door replacement.
  • Durability: Finding a front door that's capable of withstanding the elements and protecting your home from theft is imperative. Inquire about door maintenance when browsing, and ask about how long certain doors are expected to last in order to gauge their long-term durability.
  • Installation Style: Are you matching existing door dimensions, or do you want a different size? If opting for the latter, you’ll need a pre-hung door, and will have to replace the door frame.
  • Color: Entrance doors come in a wide range of colors, including bold color options that can help your home stand out. Consider your home’s exterior colors as well, as you’ll want a front door that enhances rather than takes away from the architectural style.
  • Energy-Efficiency: Have you thought about energy-efficiency? Insulation quality plays a large role, as does the door’s ability to block all incoming and outgoing air leaks.

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