Settling into a cat-friendly apartment with your feline companion can be a dream come true. However, to be a good candidate for such a dwelling and to ensure your own comfort, it’s important to know how to keep the space clean and free of fleas, hair, and litter. Use the following information to make your new home fresh and comfortable for all.

How to Maintain a Cat-Friendly Apartment

1. Regularly Change the Litter

cat-friendly apartments

Litter boxes are important, even for cats who go outside regularly. Unfortunately, bad smells can quickly build up around an uncleaned litter box. Your cat may become uncomfortable enough with dirty litter and relieve themselves on the floor nearby, adding to the unpleasant mess. 

To avoid foul odors and an unhappy pet, remove urine-soaked materials and feces daily. Change the litter completely once a week and wash out the tray with hot water and a pet-safe detergent. Keeping an air freshener next to the box will prevent bad scents from wafting through the apartment. 

2. Keep Your Cat Entertained & Calm

When cats feel stressed, threatened, or ready to mate, they tend to spray surfaces with a short burst of unpleasant-smelling urine. Although this behavior can be halted by spaying or neutering, even fixed cats will respond to boredom or stress in undesirable ways. 

When cats aren’t napping, they like to play and stay active, so provide them with toys, hiding places, and interactive feeders that reward them with treats. Giving them catnip once in a while can ease their anxiety temporarily and help them calm down. 

3. Invest in a Scratching Post

Cats need to scratch to keep their claws short and stretch their muscles. However, without a scratching post nearby, they may direct their attention to furniture, walls, and carpets, causing serious damage. 

To keep your cat-friendly apartment intact, invest in a scratching post to give your pet a healthy outlet. Draw their attention to it by placing catnip-scented blankets on top or coaxing them onto it by dangling a favorite toy near the feature.

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