Fall is finally here, which means it’s time to give your home a refresher. But which maintenance and cleaning tasks are most important to complete before winter arrives? From window washing to cleaning the siding, the following guide will help you get your home ready for the changing seasons. 

What to do In the Fall to Prepare Your Home for the Winter Months

1. Invest In Window Washing Services

Cleaning your windows in the middle of winter is a difficult job. The cold temperatures may cause the water and soap to leave stains and marks. Safely reaching the top windows of your home could be dangerous due to high winds and icy conditions. Before the first freeze, invest in professional window washing services to ensure your amenities are clean.

2. Clear Out the Gutters

window washingBefore you face colder weather and an increased risk of hail and snow, do a thorough cleaning of your gutters. Fall is the safest time to get up on a ladder, and clearing away any debris before winter will prevent water backups and sewage problems as water freezes and thaws. 

3. Powerwash the Siding

When dirt, debris, and other miscellaneous substances accumulate on your siding, you face an increased risk of a pest infestation. Insects seek a warm place to hide during the winter months, and these substances are more likely to attract them. Powerwash your siding during the fall to eliminate these risks when winter comes. 


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