Window washing is a necessary chore that prevents grime from collecting on and around the glass and keeps natural light coming into your home. Unfortunately, it’s not a job many homeowners like to do, especially if they need to clean windows that aren’t in reach. Pressure washing seems like a reasonable solution, but is it appropriate for windows? Here’s what you should know about pressure washers and how they affect window washing.

How Do Pressure Washers Work?

window washingThis equipment forces a jet of water through a wand and out of a nozzle on its end. Its power is measured in PSI or pounds per square inch. High PSI pressure washers can rinse stubborn dirt and debris from concrete. However, pressure washing is not ideal for fragile surfaces like glass because it can cause cracks. This is more likely if the nozzle is set to project a small spray width. The smaller the width, the more forceful the water jet will be. Concentrating maximum PSI to a tiny surface area on your window can cause it to shatter.

What Is the Best Option for Window Washing?

Using a pressure washer on windows can be risky to do on your own, but professional soft washing will ensure your windows are cleaned perfectly. Soft washing is done with a pressure washer at a low PSI. The equipment also uses a special nozzle on the end of the wand that widens the water spray to reduce pressure. In addition to this equipment, professional soft washing service also uses specialized cleaning solutions to get glass squeaky clean without damaging windows or stripping paint and protective coverings from your home’s exterior. 


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