Soft washing is one of the best methods for achieving a clean home without the potential damage caused by power washing. It utilizes a soft-spray nozzle that can reach up to 50 feet. Combined with a cleaning solution that ensures the accumulated dirt and debris is washed away, your home will be left spotless. Here are the advantages of soft washing. 

How Soft Washing Benefits You and Your House

1. A Clean Home Exterior

Soft washingTo soft wash your home, professionals typically use a cleaning solution made of bleach, water, and sometimes a foaming agent like a surfactant. The bleach breaks down dirt and molds molecules so your home will stay mold and mildew free for a more extended time. Soft washing the dirt and grim will remove any surface stains and make your windows, siding, and roof look like new. 

2. Save Your Home From Damage

If left untreated, mold could damage the exterior of your home. For example, mold could grow through your roof shingles and eat away at them until they’re weak and brittle. This could leave your roof susceptible to leaks, or the mold could spread into your home. Soft washing your home can help you avoid such costly repairs.

 3. Curb Appeal

Soft washing your home right before you put it on the market enhances its curb appeal and could increase your home’s value. If you clear the windows and remove dirt and stains from the siding, your home will look newer. This can make your house more attractive to potential buyers and help your home sell faster and for a higher price. 


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