Keeping your windows clean helps to maintain the appearance of your home’s exterior and prevents early wear and tear. While there are many window cleaning methods to choose from, pure water technology offers more benefits than most. Here are a few reasons to hire a window washing team that specializes in this technique.

Why Get Pure Water Window Cleaning?

1. It’s Safer

window cleaningTraditional window washing often requires cleaners to use ladders to reach tall and second-story windows. With pure water technology, cleaners are able to keep their feet safely planted on the ground because the water-fed poles can be extended up to five stories and are easy to maneuver from one pane to the next. This prevents accidents and liability issues for clients while maintaining a thorough cleaning.

2. It’s Green

Pure water technology cleans your windows without relying on harsh or dangerous chemicals. Instead, particle-free water is pumped in a consistent stream through a telescopic pole. It works in combination with a scrub brush to naturally capture all dirty and grit lingering on your windows. 

3. It Provides a Streak-Free Clean

Many cleaning detergents leave behind a sticky residue that causes streaks and attracts dirt soon after the glass has been cleaned. Pure water window cleaning provides an efficient rinse so that there are no spots after the water has evaporated. Also, by removing all the dirt and soil on the glass, it’s harder for future grime to attach to the window, resulting in a cleaner window for longer.


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