An outdoor patio is the perfect space for family barbecues, relaxing with a book, or enjoying your morning coffee. Although it’s an extension of your home, it can often be overlooked when it comes to cleaning up. While sweeping up debris can keep it tidy, deep-cleaning treatments like professional soft washing can provide the following benefits.

Why Your Patio Needs Soft Washing

1. Beautify Your Property

Over time, outdoor elements such as dirt, leaves, and inclement weather can impact the patio. Accumulations of dirt can eventually give way to plant growth, making the area appear overgrown.

Heavy use can also lead to stains, such as food or grease spots from outdoor dining or cookouts. Soft washing removes stains, built-up dirt, and dust, reduces weed growth, and makes the concrete or patio materials look new again. 

2. Extend the Life Span of Your Siding

soft washingAllowing leaves and debris to accumulate on the patio creates the potential for lichen, fungi, and algae to grow, potentially resulting in mold and mildew growth on your siding.

Over time, wet weather conditions can lead to decay or rot, causing extensive and costly damages to your home's exterior. With regular patio cleaning, debris is removed before it builds up, preserving your siding for longer. 

3. Prevent Pests

Common household pests such as roaches, rodents, and spiders, are constantly on the hunt for an environment to feed, hide from predators, and reproduce. If food crumbs and other debris are left on the surface, insects will be attracted to the area and might eventually take up residence in your home.

Prevent pests on your patio by regularly picking up trash or other items they can hide beneath and getting professional soft washing to remove oil and food debris from the surface.


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