Window washing improves curb appeal and energy efficiency while letting in natural light. When cleaning them yourself, you may notice streaks left on the glass. Here’s some insight into why this happens and how to prevent it.

What Causes Streaks? 

Many homeowners clean windows in the afternoon, thinking that direct sunlight will quickly dry the glass. However, if the water evaporates while you work, cleaning products that have not been rinsed off adequately will leave behind streaks.

Vinegar-based mixtures are more likely to create streaks, so avoid creating your own solution with this acidic ingredient. Streaks might also form if you don’t wipe off debris such as bird droppings or berry stains before wetting the glass. 

People often use newspapers, rags made of old clothes, or paper towels for window washing. These materials aren’t absorbent and can spread the dirt and cleanser around instead of removing it.

How Can You Avoid or Get Rid of Them?

window washingWipe off the window glass and frames with a microfiber cloth before wetting them to remove dust and grime that can create streaks. If you forget this step, rinse the glass a second time after scrubbing and wipe it down with water to remove streaks.

Wash windows on a cloudy day to slow evaporation and allow ample time to clean and rinse the entire window before it dries. If you want to create a cleaner, pour a few drops of mild dish soap into a bucket with warm water to avoid harsh chemicals and vinegar. 

Use a sponge to scrub the glass with window washing solution and water before squeegeeing the wet areas. These tools offer minimally abrasive surfaces that will clean without scratching the glass. Plus, they’ll prevent streaks from drying soap.


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