Gorgeous, clean windows can let the sunshine pour into your home, acting as a natural light source and mood booster. When rain or dust leaves filth on your windows, you may be quick to reach for cleaning supplies to shine those panes. Unfortunately, common mistakes could leave you with smudges. Here are three common DIY window washing mistakes and how professionals avoid them. 

What Are Some Window Washing Errors to Avoid?

1. Washing Windows On Hot, Sunny Days

When the sun is shining, you can spot smudges quickly, which is why many people pick bright days to clean windows. Unfortunately, cleaning windows on hot, sunny days could leave you with more smudges, since the cleaner will evaporate quickly. Instead, choose cool, cloudy days to wash your windows when rain isn’t in the forecast. 

2. Not Removing Dust & Grime First

Smudges are caused by dirt and grime left on the window. Improve your chances of a streak-free shine by removing buildup before you break out the glass cleaner.

Using a wet microfiber cloth, wipe down window surfaces gently to remove loose dirt and grime. Afterward, wash the window normally to get rid of the remaining smudges. 

3. Using the Wrong Wiping Tool 

window washingWhile microfiber cloths and paper towels can be used to remove the top layers of dirt and grime, avoid using them for the final window cleaning.

Many cloths contain fibers that can come loose on windows. They may also leave behind streaks caused by fabric softener if you wash them with the rest of your laundry.

Paper towels can be gritty enough to scratch windows. Instead, spray the surface with glass cleaner, and use a high-quality window squeegee to simultaneously dry and shine the window. 


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