When you own a commercial property the state of your parking lot is an extension of your business. Keeping your commercial paving in good shape not only boosts curb appeal for your facility, but it also improves safety for cars and pedestrians traveling across it. Here are five tips for maintaining your concrete parking lot.

How to Maintain Concrete Parking Lots

1. Yearly Cleaning

Vehicles leave behind fluids that can damage concrete. Engine oil and other leaks from cars can permanently stain your parking lot’s surface. An annual cleaning will revitalize your property’s appearance while ensuring the top layer does not degrade more quickly than it should.

2. Regular Sealing

Joints in your concrete are necessary for reducing cracking and keeping the parking lot structurally sound. To ensure these components are doing their job, regular care is needed. Paving contractors can reseal concrete joints to keep water, fluids, and grime from penetrating and damaging the sub layers of your parking area. An annual sealing is recommended by most experts.

3. Crack & Hole Repair

parking lotsSome cracking is inevitable over time, even if you keep up with sealing and cleaning. Age and use will eventually wear down concrete, which lets water and dirt inside. The more moisture, the weaker the lot will become, which leads to more cracking and deeper holes. Have imperfections repaired quickly before fissures get too wide.

4. Structural Check-In

The installation of your parking lot is the key to its longevity. If concrete is poured over a strong, durable base, your property will be tougher for longer, but a periodic check on the structural elements is a good idea. Paving contractors can alert you of any weakened areas or spots where the installation may have been compromised. This will help you determine if you need to repave or just repair areas.

5. Repainting

Over time the striping in your parking lot will wear down, making spot divisions and traffic markings hard to see. Refresh your painting so that traffic patterns are clear for both drivers and pedestrians. This keeps everyone on your property moving safely while boosting curb appeal.


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