If your loved one has recently passed away, you may be responsible for writing the obituary. This announcement provides information about when the beloved family member died, details major life milestones, and includes the funeral service date and time. Additionally, part of composing an obituary is choosing a photograph of your loved one. Here are some elements to think about to ensure you select the right image. 

How to Choose a Loved One's Obituary Photo

1. Start With Photos That Are Easily Identifiable 

Narrow your selection down to images that people will be able to identify as your loved one, such as a headshot with high resolution. Avoid group photos, as it may be unclear to those reading the obituary who the deceased individual is. Similarly, a picture taken from a significant distance can make it difficult to identify the person. You can still use group photos for a funeral service tribute, such as a slideshow.

2. Decide Between a Current & Past Image

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Talk with family members about whether to use a current or past photo for the obituary. You may opt for a more recent one if you want to remember the time you spent with them before they passed. On the other hand, a picture from their earlier years might showcase something they were proud of, such as an army photo.

Additionally, you should review any end-of-life instructions your beloved family member provided since there could be information regarding photo options. Depending on how much space you’re working with for the obituary, you might be able to provide current and past photos in celebration of your loved one’s life.

3. Consider Choosing a Personality Photo

You might also want an image that shows off your loved one's personality, such as a picture of them laughing heartily or immersed in a favorite hobby. These types of photos help those reading the obituary smile and remember what they adored about your family member. You should also review publication guidelines regarding photos to avoid rejections or image-free announcements. 


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