When preparing for the memorial service of a loved one, placing a meaningful item inside their casket can be a beautiful tribute. Passing along a memento that is significant to their life can promote healing and strengthen your bond. Consult the guide below for some suggestions of meaningful items to place in the casket of a loved one.

5 Items to Include in Your Loved One’s Casket

1. Funeral Flowers

Flowers are often buried with the deceased, as they add beauty to the memorial service and decompose with time. You can have a specialty bouquet of their favorite flowers made for the burial or request that those in attendance place a stemmed flower into the casket as a way of saying a final goodbye and honoring the loved one.

2. Beloved Book

A particularly well-loved book is an appropriate, simple item to place in a casket. Religious material, a literary classic, or a book of poems are common options, but you could also opt for a well-loved memoir that your loved one held close to their heart. 

3. Family Heirloom

memorial serviceBurying the deceased with a family heirloom may seem unthinkable to some, but it’s quite a common practice. An engagement ring, family crest, or valuable piece of jewelry that was adored by your loved one may be better off staying with them in their final resting place.

4. Cherished Photo

Placing a photo in the casket can be a beautiful addition to the memorial service. You could choose an endearing photo from childhood or a picture of a specific life milestone, such as a graduation or wedding. Pick a snapshot that captures the deceased and honors the life they led.

5. Personal Letter

A personalized letter, whether handwritten or typed, is a lovely way to say goodbye to your loved one. Placing this in the casket could be an act of closure and healing for you, as it will place your final words with them forever.



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