Finding the right funeral home is crucial when holding a service for a loved one. It calls for careful consideration, as certain features are integral to ensuring a comforting experience. As you begin your search, here are a few details to bear in mind.

3 Factors to Look for When Searching for a Funeral Home

1. Ideal Location

The first funeral home to receive the body of the deceased isn’t always the location of the memorial service. For instance, your loved one may have passed in one state, but you’d prefer to hold the ceremony in their home state, where more family members are located. Selecting a funeral home central to surviving loved ones will minimize the need for extensive travel arrangements.

2. A Range of Services

funeral home Rochester NYMemorial services don’t always follow traditional funeral arrangements, in which there are viewing and formal funeral or graveside services. While traditional services are certainly an option to consider, some individuals prefer to have more informal celebrations of life without a body present. Additionally, cremation is also becoming increasingly common as an alternative to burial. Whether your loved one requested a traditional, religious service or you feel that a less formal service would be more appropriate, make sure the funeral home you’re considering has a range of options to meet your needs.

3. Compassionate Staff

During your time of grief, you’ll want to feel supported through the decision-making process as you begin to plan arrangements. Oftentimes, family-owned funeral homes with a longstanding history of serving the community will take a personalized approach to working with their clients. They believe in making strong connections and can provide support for everything from writing the obituary to acquiring necessary paperwork, such as death certificates.


If you’re seeking a funeral home with a strong reputation in the Rochester, NY, area, turn to Leo M. Bean and Sons Funeral Home. Having served the community for more than four decades, this family-run business offers both traditional funeral services and memorials as well as cremation. Find out more about their services online, or call (585) 426-7830 to speak with a staff member.