From commercial glass repair to carpet steam cleaning, you invest in keeping the office neat, presentable, and comfortable. That’s why you should also budget for professional window cleaning. When trained technicians wash the fixtures, your business benefits in the following ways.

Why Have Commercial Windows Professionally Cleaned?

1. Boost Employee Productivity

Dirt and stains make glass cloudy, restricting how much light shines through. If overhead lights are already dim, interiors look even darker. Working in poor lighting causes a drop in cortisol, leaving staffers feeling tired and stressed out, while exposure to daylight boosts mood and energy levels. Washing windows increases how much natural light enters the office. People who work in natural daylight are 18% more productive than those who don’t. Exposure to natural light in the daytime also leads to improved sleep at night.

2. Catch Problems Early

With their experience and training, commercial window washers know how to spot causes for concern. While cleaning the fixtures, they notice worn seals, corroded metal, condensation between panels, cracks in the glass, and other problems. They can then bring these issues to your attention. Commercial glass repair technicians act quickly, preventing the problems from worsening and compromising office safety and security.

3. Improve Window Efficiency

commercial glass repairHaving the windows cleaned regularly also curbs wear to the seals holding glass panels in place. This can prevent air leaks and condensation that lower the overall efficiency of the windows. When you keep outside air outside, the heating and cooling system can perform at peak efficiency, too, which keeps energy bills low.


If the window washers find damage, contact the certified commercial glass specialists at Consumer Glass in O’Fallon, MO. As each employee boasts over 20 years of experience, the team is qualified to fix business windows and provide residential glass repair and auto glass replacement. For commercial glass repair in the St. Louis and St. Charles metropolitan areas, call (636) 397-6800. Learn more about the service warranties online.