Parking lot damage can cause a long list of hazards, including vehicle damage, unintentional trips and falls, and faster ground erosion. Although many business owners are quick to schedule repairs, consider the time of the year. Here’s more information about the best time of year to take care of parking lot maintenance, and why it matters. 

Understanding Asphalt Repair

When is the ideal time to repair asphalt? 

Asphalt repairs are most successful when the weather is warm enough to allow the tar to form a tight bond with the ground, which is why summer is the preferred season for parking lot maintenance. During the summer, businesses may also be able to find price breaks since asphalt contractors can group together jobs to pass along savings. Summertime also gives contractors a longer workday, making it possible to complete jobs in a shorter amount of time. 

parking lot maintenanceHow could cold or wet weather impact repairs? 

Water-based asphalt sealers must be applied when the ground temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity, rainwater, and dew can affect the asphalt’s ability to properly bond with the surrounding surface. If you have parking lot maintenance performed when it is too cool or humid outside, it can even impact the structural integrity of the repair, leading to additional repairs later down the road. For these reasons, try to book parking lot maintenance during the summer months, and follow up with your contractors to make sure you are on the schedule. 


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