Dan C. Becker, C.P.A, S.C.
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603 S Washington St, Thorp, WI 54771

About Dan C. Becker, C.P.A, S.C.

At Dan C. Becker, CPA, S.C. in Thorp, WI, clients will receive excellent accounting services from an experienced certified public accountant. Their team is committed to helping you solve your financial problems quickly and efficiently.  

Dan C. Becker, CPA, S.C. has been trusted to handle his clients’ accounts for over 40 years. Their general accounting services include balancing checking accounts and preparing detailed monthly financial statements. Accounting services also help families. They’ll work with you to get your retirement, estate planning, living wills, or trusts squared away so your loved ones never know uncertainty.

In addition to personal finance, the accounting firm offers business consulting so you can get back to where your company needs you most. Their professionals will handle your payroll services, writing, printing, and delivering your company’s checks promptly and securely. For small businesses and individuals, Dan C. Becker, CPA, S.C. offers expert tax return preparation. They’ll guide you to extracting every penny possible from your return.

Dealing with one’s financial situation is a burden — but crucial to do properly. Save time and money by getting the expert accountants at Dan C. Becker, CPA, S.C to handle the job. Call them today at (715) 644-5768 for a free estimate on services or visit them online.


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(2 reviews)