Allowing your children to attend a memorial service will help them come to terms with the death of a loved one. Discussing with the youngsters what to expect at the event, as well as their feelings after, will make the transition from grief to acceptance easier. Below are three tips for parents to prepare their children.

How to Get Kids Ready to Attend a Memorial Service 

Discuss Each Child’s Fears With Them

Fear of the unknown can leave your children anxious before the memorial Kannapolis-North-Carolina-memorial-serviceservice. To help relieve stress, discuss their fears with them. Many young children don’t understand the concept of death, which could add to their concerns. Discuss the passing of the loved one in simple terms they can understand.  

Let Them Know What to Expect 

Most children will feel more comfortable attending a memorial service when they know what to expect. If you helped with planning the memorial, let your child know what will happen at the event. If a memorial announcement or program is available, go over it with them as soon as you get it.

Try to Be Patient

Everyone processes death differently, which means children might not know how to articulate their feelings at first. It’s important to be patient in the time leading up to the memorial service. Kids will gradually feel more comfortable discussing their feelings once you’ve established you are there to provide the information and emotional support they need.


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