If your home features a concrete driveway, you want to keep it looking attractive and extend its life. When properly installed and cared for, your driveway might last for decades. Paying attention to these tips should help to maintain a beautiful path to your home well into the future.


Apply a sealant.

One way to avoid hard-to-remove stains and protect your driveway is to apply a sealant every two to five years. Coating the driveway’s surface with a top-quality sealer limits discoloration and decay. To get started with this do-it-yourself project, purchase a silicone-based sealant from your local hardware store.

Remove oil stains and spills quickly.

If liquids, such as motor oil and transmission fluid, leak from your vehicle onto the driveway, remove them quickly to avoid unsightly stains. If stains do occur, scrub the spots with WD-40® or with a mixture of 1 gallon of water and 1 cup ammonia, then rinse with your garden hose on high pressure. Spray-on oven cleaners or pressure washing also remove oil and transmission fluid stains well.


Use corrosive materials for de-icing.

concreteCorrosive substances, including ammonium sulfates, ammonium nitrates, and rock salt, are enemies of concrete because they break down the materials that compose the driveway. To help melt ice and snow and prevent slipping, use substitute materials such as kitty litter or sand.

Park heavy trucks or plow with metal blades.

Concrete residential driveways are durable, but they aren’t designed as parking pads for heavy commercial trucks, moving vans, or large vehicles that use snowplow blades. As well, be cautious about shoveling with metal blades, especially with driveways less than a year old, as they might damage the surface.  


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