Ramblers are fantastic for homeowners that love first-floor living, but when you need more room, a home addition could create a whole second story for you to enjoy. However, before you break ground on your home remodeling project, think carefully about what it will take to add more living space. Here are a few factors you should consider before adding a second-floor addition. 

3 Factors to Think About Before Adding a Second Story

1. Space Requirements

Think carefully about how much space you and your family need. Space requirements can change over time as people have children, watch kids move away to college, or have elderly family members move in for personalized care. If you foresee a need for extra space, consider how many rooms you need, and talk with your home remodeling contractor about drawing up some floorplans for your new addition. 

2. Architectural Details 

home remodelingWhen adding a second story, think about how the home will look, and how to carry architectural details like paint color, brick choice, and even window style through the entire exterior. If your home is older, you may want to start by confirming that you can find matching windows or other exterior details before you start the home remodeling project. If the addition is on the back of the house or not as visible from the front, you may not have to worry as much about materials matching exactly.

3. Living Disruptions and Timeline 

Depending on where the addition is added to your home, the project may or may not allow you to live in your house throughout the duration of the construction. Ask your home remodeling contractor if the project could be completed while you occupy the home, or if you will need to find temporary living arrangements elsewhere. Discuss how long the project will take to complete, and what factors could extend the timeline, so you know what to expect. 


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