Adding some garden mulch to your flower beds can make your yard look polished as well as protect your plants and reduce your water consumption. Unfortunately, since mulches are made from organic debris, like bark chips, they decompose over time and will need replacing. Here is more information about the lifespan of mulch along with a few signs that it needs replacement. 

Using Garden Mulch

How Long Is Mulch Good For? 

mulchThe lifespan of garden mulch can vary based on your watering schedule and the type of mulch you choose. Bark mulch and wood chips are the two most common types of garden mulch with finer blends decomposing more quickly than thicker mulch pieces. However, wood chips tend to last about five to seven years with bark mulch lasting seven to ten years. Bark mulch lasts longer because it is made up of the hardest portions of the tree; wood chips are made from the softer, inner portions of scrap lumber.

When Should You Replace Mulch?

In addition to keeping track of the initial installation date of your garden mulch, you should also watch out for the signs of early decomposition, such as wet, soggy mulch or garden areas that aren’t draining properly. Since mulch can also blow away in the wind, home and business owners should fill in mulch when areas become bare. As a general rule of thumb, mulches should be between one to three inches thick to be effective.


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