A cracked windshield may not seem like an auto repair emergency, but it can actually be a serious safety issue. Even a relatively small crack can quickly spread, compromising the integrity of the entire windshield and making it more vulnerable to further damage. If you notice deep scratches, cracks, or nicks in the glass, here’s what to know.

What Are the Dangers of a Cracked Windshield?

The windshield protects you from flying rocks, birds, bugs, and the elements. However, a minute fracture weakens the entire structure, leaving it unable to withstand the force of a major impact. A piece of road debris could shatter a cracked windshield, leading to a serious accident.

Cracks can also obscure your vision if they're located in the driver’s line of sight. With even small imperfections in the glass, you might not see other drivers, traffic signals, or pedestrians until it’s too late to avoid a crash.

How Should You Handle a Cracked Windshield?

auto repairsFortunately, a skilled auto repair shop can usually repair most damage before it spreads to the rest of the windshield. This is generally the best approach if the crack is smaller than a dollar bill or the damage is limited to a small area. The mechanic will typically inject a resin into the chipped section. 

For larger cracks, the safest option is usually to replace the entire windshield. Your auto repair tech may also recommend new glass if you have more than three cracks or nicks, or if the entire surface is covered with small divots.


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