The water main, also known as the water service line, is the piece of plumbing that supplies your home with water, allowing you to shower, wash dishes, and do laundry with ease. This underground pipe is either connected to a municipal network or your property's private well. To keep the line in good condition and avoid leaks, keep an eye out for these common issues that might call for professional plumbing and well repairs

Common Water Main Problems

A crack or hole forming in the pipe is the most common problem that a water main experiences. The moisture in the surrounding soil corrodes the line over time, creating a weak spot that springs a leak. 

If the crack is large, the pressurized pipe can flood the yard and home in a matter of minutes. If it's small, it may simply be a slow leak that could waste a significant amount of water over time. 

Materials in the soil such as fertilizers or microorganisms could also enter the line through the cracks, contaminating your supply. If you notice strange-tasting or discolored water, stop using the source until further notice.

How to Identify & Handle Leaks

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A geyser of water shooting out of the lawn is a clear indicator that you have a break in the water main. However, most problems are less obvious. You can check for hidden leaks by turning off all your faucets and water-using appliances before checking the water meter to see if it still moves.

Once you identify a leak, turn off the main water supply. Locate the shutoff valve, which is usually located by the well housing or at the edge of your property near the street. 

As you wait for professional assistance, avoid using the supply; buy bottled drinking water if necessary. A well repair technician will locate the leak and determine what to do. The average water main has a life span of 65 years, and it's recommended to have the line replaced if yours is at least 50 years old. If you have a newer line, a plumber can simply replace the damaged section and restore your supply. 


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