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A Quality Fire Protection
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ServingPataskala, OH

About A Quality Fire Protection

When a fire breaks out at home or in your place of business, you need reliable equipment that will get the fire put out quickly to ensure all involved stay safe. For those in the Pataskala, OH, area, A Quality Fire Protection provides essential equipment for any fire that comes your way. 

These specialists understand that each fire started is different and supply a varying amount of fire extinguishers for each job. They have water extinguishers for fires started by solid materials such as paper and wood, foam extinguishers that are commonly used for petrol or diesel fires, and multi-purpose power extinguishers with the ability to put out electrical fire. They also sell wet chemical fire extinguishers that are commonly used for kitchens in the residential and business setting. 

Additionally, if you own a business and your dry chemical extinguisher has expired, simply call these specialists for a replacement. They will also do an annual check on all current fire extinguishers to ensure they meet the recommended standard. 

For protection against any fire-related incident, contact the specialists at A Quality Fire Protection today. You can also call them at (740) 345-2594 for more information on the types of fire extinguishers available.


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(2 reviews)